How to use intervalCam?

For QX-1/QX-10/QX-100, once you establish wifi connection, you can directly use start control camera via using Control function. Most model(RX100m3 or later), you can turn Wifi by using PlayMemories Mobile(or Smart Control) on Camera, establish wifi Connection.

Does IntervalCam works for my camera(model xxxxx)?

IntervalCam based on Sony's SDK called Camera Remote API, If this camera works with PlayMemories Mobile, it should also works.
But RX100m2/RX10m2 is special case, they released before this SDK, they works similar but not fully compatible with API, most function is not available (on PlayMemories Mobile, they only trigger shutter, you almost can't adjust any setting), it should solved by by a firmware upate, but several years ago user asked for it on forum, Sony's staff said they don't have any planning firmware update for RX100m2..

You say your IntervalCam works, but it not working on my camera!

So far I own QX10,FDR-X3000,RX100m3, and tested them on IntervalCam 2.0(and later), If your camera is not working well, Please let me know.

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